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Uols kenal tak sape Nabil Jeffri ni? Haa.. Akak pernah dengar nama, tapi tak perasan muka budak ni. Dia ni sebenarnya F1 Test Driver Malaysia yang termuda. Baru 18 tahun. Baru je lepas SPM tahun lepas. Mana tau ada rezeki, boleh berlumba dalam F1.

So, yang istimewanya, dia ni baru dilantik sebagai Duta untuk Prudential BSN Takaful. Vangga seh! Semalam acara rasmi perlantikan dia tu. Akak pun tatau nak cite ape.. Jom tengok gambo jela. Gambo ni pun akak amik dari FB PruBSN je.. Hiks..

Sain, jangan tak sain!

Nabil Jeffri

CEO PruBSN – Mr. Azim Mithani

Nabil and his daddy

PruBSN – No. 1 Takaful Operator

Nak tau kisah selanjutnya, sila baca artikel dari Bernama ni. Cekidaut!



Thursday 18/10/2012

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 Oct(Bernama) — Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad (PruBSN) announced today that it has appointed Nabil Jeffri, Malaysia’s top-ranked professional racer, as its brand ambassador. The partnership which took effect from 1 October 2012 will see Nabil advertising the PruBSN brand globally. The collaboration will also comprise of an alliance on future branding and marketing campaigns.

The partnership will make its debut at the forthcoming JK Racing Asia Series race in India that begins on 27 October 2012, where Nabil will carry PruBSN’s logo on his attire and race car.

Speaking today, Encik Azim Mithani, Chief Executive Officer of PruBSN said, “We are delighted to have Nabil as PruBSN’s brand ambassador. Our brand and Nabil share a common quality – Dynamism. As such, we consider Nabil as the perfect ambassador for the brand and all that PruBSN stands for.”

Encik Azim also added, “In addition to producing truly innovative products with exceptional value, PruBSN takes to heart our mission to support healthy lifestyles. Hence what we are announcing today. The association is also in recognition of our focus on youth development, as well as highlighting the remarkable achievements of the Malaysian youths. We look forward to collaborating with Nabil on a number of brand and marketing campaigns.”

“Nabil has many remarkable qualities that we advocate, especially to Malaysians. Nabil is a young man with an already long list of achievements that can only be attained through having the right attitude, unwavering focus on his objective, discipline and determination. Likewise with PruBSN, although we are a young company, we have achieved many firsts in the industry and this is attributed to the right strategies, focus on our customers and other stakeholders, as well as the continuous dedication of our people who only want the best for our customers and the company,” added Encik Azim.

Nabil Jeffri, commenting on today’s announcement said, “I am honoured, and also very excited to have been appointed as PruBSN’s brand ambassador. PruBSN is a strong brand with innovative and dynamic characteristics. I have a personal philosophy which is ‘Live Life to the Fullest’, and this is the basis of my strong passion, willpower and enthusiasm to keep on improving myself. I am passionate about being the best, and winnable racer, as well as the best possible person. With the support from PruBSN, I will take one step at a time and I look forward to accomplish my mission of racing in the Formula 1 arena within the next few years.”

PruBSN continues to go from strength to strength – firstly with the achievement of its No. 1 position in the Takaful market in 2011 that has set the tone for a remarkable 2012. In H2 2012, PruBSN grew its Annual Contribution Equivalent (ACE) by 23% YoY to RM129 million which gave it a market share of 28%, an increase from the 26.7% in the same period for 2011.

As for Nabil Jeffri, currently with 4 wins and 9 podiums out of 10 races in JK Racing Asia Series 2012, Nabil lead the championship with 6 more races to compete. For 2013 Season, Nabil already secured a seat with Eurointernational Team to compete in Formula 3.

About Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad

Prudential BSN Takaful (PruBSN) is a joint venture between Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) and Prudential PLC (Prudential) which holds 51% and 49% stake respectively.

The joint venture provides a solid structure for PruBSN in view of Prudential’s strength in agency distribution and product manufacturing, as well as BSN’s impressive corporate presence in Malaysia for PruBSN to accelerate the growth of the Takaful industry in the country.

This provides the perfect platform to support and build our vision to be a world-class Shariah-compliant financial solutions provider by offering innovative products and services to its customers.

About Nabil Jeffri
Nabil Jeffri, 18 years old, is a young and talented sportsman in Malaysia. He is a multiple champion in Asian karting since 2004 and finished commendable 6th in Rotax Max Challenge World Finals in 2009. World’s youngest F1 test driver at age of 16, Nabil Jeffri is also named as National Youth Icon since 2010. One of Malaysians strong sports and academic qualification (SPM: 8As 2Bs, PMR: 8As & UPSR: 5As). He ranked 2nd best in Fitness Test of Selection Academy of FIA Institute Young Driver Excellence Academy 2011, held in Melk, Austria. Currently, Nabil Jeffri is the championship leader of the JK Racing Asia Series 2012.

More information about PruBSN is available at www.prubsn.com.my and information about Nabil Jeffri is available at www.nabiljeffri.com.

SOURCE: Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad