Ujie Situ Sana Sini

Aku Hidup Kerana Cinta…Cinta Allah, Cinta Keluarga, Cinta Kekasih

Dear Valued Investor,

We are pleased to announce that CWA has formed a strategic alliance with as – Salihin Trustee Berhad (aST), the Only Trustee Company which specializes on Islamic Estate Planning and offers full range of Islamic Estate Planning products and services.

Opportunities for Islamic Estate Planning :

Opportunities are abound as 52% of our 28million Malaysian population are Muslims, out of which we have 5million who are eligible to write wasiat and yet 95% of these Muslims are without estate planning (note- there are RM 40 Bil of unclaimed cash and assets left by the Dead, source : New Sunday Times, 27th January 2007). Armed with our wholesome range of Islamic Estate Planning products and services as below, this is your OPPORTUNITY to write wasiat according to Syariah.

We offer a complete range of Islamic estate planning products ands services as below:

A) Wasiat Writing including related services such as :

• Re-writing of Wasiat
• Wasiat Translation
• Wasiat Custody (Lifetime and Annual Custody)
• Executorship & Estate Administration
• Guardianship of Property (created in a wasiat)
• Testamentary Trust (created in a wasiat)
• Waqf (created in a wasiat)

B) Declaration of Harta Sepencarian

C) Pri-Hibah (Declaration of Hibah)

Should you wish to seek more information on the latest services, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be glad to be at your service.

Thank you.


Suzilah Zainuddin

Agency Supervisor (LO : 19935)

CIMB Wealth Advisors

019-388 9306 / 017-318 9306